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Welcome to wyasfaa.org!

High School Counselor Workshop-Fall 2016

On behalf of the Wyoming Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (WyASFAA), welcome to the WyASFAA website. The website has been developed to assist Wyoming students in receiving correct and timely financial aid information and to be used by the WyASFAA membership to share issues concerning the organization.

WyASFAA is a professional organization dedicated to assisting the nearly 40,000 students enrolled in Wyoming's institutions of higher education, their parents, and the schools and agencies that work collaboratively in disseminating information and administrating the various financial aid programs available to Wyoming's students. WyASFAA represents nearly one hundred professional financial aid administrators and colleagues throughout Wyoming and the surrounding Rocky Mountain region.

This website has been developed to provide families and WyASFAA members with the following information:

  • Financial Aid Programs
    • Program information and contact data
    • Links to various informational sites
  • Membership Information
    • Membership Directory
    • Membership Forms
    • On-line voting (ballots)
    • Newsletters
  • Training Activities
    • Postings
  • Annual Conference - Spring
    • On-line Registration
    • Agenda
    • Hotel Information
    • Contacts and Volunteer Information
  • Governance – Board of Directors
    • Minutes of meetings
    • Committee activities and reports
    • By-Laws of WyASFAA

The membership of WyASFAA is pleased to provide this site and the information contained within. Please review the site and give me your feedback on ways to make the site more useful to you. Thank you for taking the time to review the site.

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