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WYASFAA Corporate Sponsorship Agreement

Federal ID Number – 74-3211367
Corporate Support Agreement
January 1, Current Year: 2017 – December 31, Current Year: 2017

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Your Name:
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Corporate Institution:
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Please check all items that you plan to support:

$ 200.00 Includes the following:

  • Conference Booth - You will receive a table, to display your products, at WyASFAA’s annual conference.

  • Banner Advertisement - Entitles you to place a banner on the WyASFAA web site. You and Link can also link the WyASFAA website to your site. Must be a WyASFAA member to qualify. Please e-mail jwilson@lccc.wy.edu to add your banner to the WyASFAA website.

  • Financial Aid Support Staff WorkshopA portion of your $200 will be used to support this workshop.

$ Spring Conference Donation (no booth) (i.e. money used for materials, printing, etc.)

$ General Support - contribution to the mission of WyASFAA to serve the interests and needs of students and the financial aid professional. Includes support of student aid and financial literacy-related outreach activities. (i.e. high school Counselor workshops).

As a WyASFAA supporter, would you like to be recognized? Yes No

Please Note: This support does not cover annual membership or conference registration fees.

I will mail payment
I will bring payment to the conference

Electronic Signature (Full Name):
Signature Date: 4/27/2017
Total Contribution: $

Please send check payable to WyASFAA with this form to:

DeeAnna Archuleta, WyASFAA Treasurer
Financial Aid Specialist
Western Wyoming Community College
2500 College Drive
PO Box 428
Rock Springs, WY 82902
Phone 307-382-1635
Fax 307-382-1636

For questions about Corporate Sponsorships, please contact:

Julie Wilson
Director, Financial Aid
Laramie County Community College

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